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Must-Have Element #1 "The Headline"
A Large, Bold, Attention Grabbing, Clear Headline
By Rob Carson

Headline should be large: (10-15% of size of card)
A good rule of thumb is for this heading to take up about 10-15% of of the size of the card. It should stand out from all the other copy and be the first thing the person reads.
Grab Holder's Attention
You typically have 1-2 seconds to break your recipients concentration and get their attention. Only then will they stop and give it another few seconds to look further.
Clarify Your Offering
It should relate to and help clarify the offering. It can also allude to what you want the recipient to do.
Match Company Color (Branding)
Here is an opportunity to begin to establish or strengthen your brand colors in the mind of the recipient. You've taken all this effort (and spent the money) to get this far so make the most of it and use it to help establish in peoples minds your Company's brand identity at a simple glance. Depending on your Company brand identity colors, consider having the heading text or background match one of your company colors.
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