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Must-Have Postcard Element #2
Bright, colorful, eye-catching type and images to
interrupt their thinking.
By Rob Carson
The color should be bright and bold to help break the concentration and capture the attention of the card holder.

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Break their concentration, Grab their attention
If our Headline doesn't grab their attention, we have another chance with the main image. Depending on your type of business, the image(s) could be humorous, surprising, or crazy.

One way or another, in that first second, like breaking a piece of glass or a loud BANG, we need to get the person engaged with and actually look at your postcard.

Use Color (on both sides on the postcard)
These days, with printing costs at an all time low for full color (four color process) printing, it just doesn't make sense to scrimp a few dollars in exchange for the difference in impact of color and pictures that POP!
Use the correct colors for your intended purpose
There have been many color studies and tests done. Too much to go into a lot of detail here.

Some of what I say here is basic common knowledge. That being said, it is still worth mentioning here to review and reinforce what we already know (to be sure we are actually implementing what we do know) and to add to what we don't know. So, I'll mention a few basics here and share some links for further information.

Color and human emotions
There have been many color studies and tests done. Too much to go into a lot of detail here. That being said, we can mention a few basics here and share some links for further information.

For example:
Red catches the eye. It is most emotional intense color of all. Some text in a bold red can draw attention to it and draw the person to read it. It also can entice emotions of anger. It also is sometimes associated with blood, love, and life itself. It can also represent danger or a warning or alarm, so be careful not to use it too much.

Green, depending on how dark it is, can be a great color to use in several situations. It is not easy on the eyes. It is often used to represent success, money, wealth, or optimism. Now a days it also represents care for the environment and nature.

Blue is probably the most used color, other than black. It is the color of the sky and can create feelings of openness, space, tranquility. Blue also can represent trust, honor, and productivity.

For further study, just do a search online and you'll find a wealth of information. Here are but a few links*:

*disclaimer: Direct Mail Quotes and Helpful Marketing does not endorse or recommend these companies or the content on these sites.

A/B Testing
Regardless of what colors you start with, consider doing some A/B testing to see in your situation, for your business, on your marketing piece, to learn what works best.

Match Colors to your type of business
One last comment on color. Let me state the obvious. If your business is clowning at children's birthday parties, you'll not want to use the same colors you would if you were an attorney representing businesses and large corporations.
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