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Must-Have Element #3 "Benefits, Benefits, Benefits"
People Buy Benefits, so highlight them in
your Direct Mail piece
By Rob Carson

Focus on Benefits. Show how your offer will help your
prospect. As location is important to Real Estate, Benefits are important to just about everything (including Real Estate). List them as bullet points in your mail piece; Describe them; Show and Tell how they solve a problem or deliver a desired effect.
Show & Tell:
Show them with images
The cliche is old but true: A picture is worth a thousand words. Draw them in by including memorable images that show off the benefits that your prospect has that your offer.
Show & Tell:
Tell them with bullet points lists
When it comes to Direct Mail, people are lazy. So make it easy for them to see at a glance the benefits your offer provides. One way to do this is by using bullet point lists that make it easy for the eye to see.
Link to Video(s) accessible on smart phones, mobile tablets, laptops and desktop computers
Now more than ever, it is easier to move your prospect from a two dimensional static image on a card to a full motion video showing your product or service in action or showing people using and benefiting from your product or service.

Add a QR (Quick Response) code and/or a web address can direct someone looking at your card, wherever they are, (yes, even while sitting in the bathroom) to viewing more information than you could ever put in a mailing, even a full motion video.

Side note here: Combine Marketing efforts and Prospect Tracking and targeting.
Speaking of using a Direct Mail piece to direct people to a web landing page. Employing this strategy has the additional benefit of providing additional touches, exposure, to your prospect. It also allows you to employ tracking techniques to better keep in touch with those you have expressed an interest. We'll talk further about this in a later email.
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May all your marketing efforts be successful!
Rob Carson |
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