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Must-Have Element #4 "Appeal to Emotions"
People make decisions based on their emotions and then justify those decisions to others with logic.
By Rob Carson

Think about why you do things. Be honest.
Some of us do lengthy research while others don't spend much time researching. Some ask their friends or check references. Never the less, once those formalities are out of the way, we tend to think about how what the product or service will enhance or improve our situation or what problem(s) it will solve. And this is where our emotions enter in.
What really convinced you to go ahead purchase?
Once you've gathered the information you need and weighed the facts, then what? Don't you start imagining your life or new situation and how much better it will be?

An obvious example is the new car purchase. We imagine driving the car, enjoying the radio, using those special features it has. But let's consider a copier purchase for our business, still, don't we imagine how it will improve efficiency or solve that nagging problem we've been dealing with? It's not until our emotions get activated, that we are finally ready to move forward with our purchase.
Once you made a purchase decision, what reasons did
you give when you spoke about it to others? Do we not tell of all reasons why we made a good decision? When we are talking about our decision to purchase that we move back to the logic portion of our reasoning to justify why we chose to part with our money and the reasons it was the right choice.
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May all your marketing efforts be successful!
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