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Must-Have Element #5 "Call-To-Action"
Simple easy to act on and enticing Call-To-Action
By Rob Carson

Clear and Simple Call-To-Action
Once you have the recipient's attention, you need to be very clear as to what the offer is and what you want him/her to do.
Call-To-Action noted in different places
The Call-To-Action should be mentioned in more that one place. Not to be over-pushy or come across as needy, but asking for the person to act. If it's not made easy for them to act, they probably won't. Don't make the work to try and do business with you or to find out more information.
Provide multiple ways to respond / act
Don't expect everybody to want to communicate the way you prefer. Have your postcard provide options to consider further what you are offering them. (See "Create a targeted landing page" below.) Make it easy for them to get more information on your offer the way they prefer.
Give them a reason to act now
We in our society are busier now than ever. But we will often stop take a moment to act on something that is of interest to us. Give them something to entice them to do something quick right now. This could be a Free slice of pie (restaurant) or a Free report or white paper (business) or a discount off this if you buy that. Of course the offer has to expire soon.
Create a targeted web landing page
Create a web landing page directly related to your mailing. Google reports that 67% of internet users have gone online to search for a product advertised offline.Use this landing page to provide more information about the offer, highlighting the benefits and, of course, give an incentive for an immediate call to action.
Make the most from both sides of the card
Here is your chance to repeat the most attractive part of your offer. They've turn the card over, you've gotten their attention at least for a moment. Now entice by highlighting the benefits and giving them ways to get more information. if you've taken the step noted above and created a custom landing page, direct them to that.
Add a QR code
Most, need to be given a reason to act. Especially while the QR(Quick Response) codes are relatively new in the U.S., some will scan it just out of curiosity. Use the QR code to direct them to the targeted landing page (noted above) or to a page related to the offer with a call to action via different means. Remember, we want to make it easy for your prospect to get more information and of course to accept your offer. Or, if your offer involves a several step process, make it easy for them to take the next step.
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Okay, in case you don't have a smart phone or a tool to read the QR code, here's the address it links to: Remember what I said before, always make it easy for your customers, clients and especially your prospects. They probably don't know yet how good you are or what a great things you'll do for them.
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May all your marketing efforts be successful!
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