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Rather than spew out various tactics
and canned strategies that may have
worked for someone else or for some
other Company, we begin by listening.
We take the time to listen intently
and ask powerful questions. In doing
so, we help you get to the root of your
specific needs and challenges for your

From there, we we take you through a
process of steps to process these
concerns or trouble spots, and help
draw out from within you several
potential solutions, evaluate each of
them, and in doing so, decide which
are the best steps to take to address
and resolve them. Of course these
steps include developing effective
SMART* goals to implement and
achieve victory over them!

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   Without specificity, a goal can never truly be reached.
   Effective goals include something tangible as evidence that they have been
   The best goal is stretchingly realistic. Challenging enough to require effort to
   accomplish but not so out of reach that one fails to even try.
   Relevant to the need at hand and aligned with your core values and purpose
   Often the larger mission is so big, achieving it is like attempting to arrive at
   the end of the horizon. But, if we measure our progress like passing utility
   poles on the highway of success, we can see and be encouraged by our
   progress. Giving ourselves time tables to accomplish our goals helps us to
   just that.
In going through our Client Driven Coaching
process, we often find that the best decisions for
positive growth and change are already inside our
clients. They just need help drawing them out.

A person's thoughts are like water in a deep well,
but someone with insight can draw them out.
Proverbs 20:5 GNT
Client Driven Coaching
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