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Personal Letters
If personal letters are best suited for your type of offering and
potential clients, in consultation with you, we will draft one or
more personal letters for your campaign.

Then we will combine the variable data from the customized
database we create for your campaign and print them, making
each letter that personal touch.

Highlight different
products or services
Each letter can be promoting a different feature or benefit in
your product or service. Thus allowing your prospects to see
various reasons to buy and giving us valuable data as to which
features or benefits are most attractive or appealing. We may
blend a postcard campaign with a personal letter campaign
and enhance the overall message even more.

Complete Marketing service
from start to finish
Then we'll print your CASS* certified target mailing list with
your postcards or letters. We will also track and compare the
effectiveness of each letter used in your campaign along the
way, allowing us to take advantage of this information to
enhance overall success as we go along. We are with you
every step of the way.
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*CASS stands for Coding Accuracy Coding System. Continue
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