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Start using Social Media to Benefit Your Business! Learn How!
Join Infusionsofts marketing expert, Tyler Garns, for a webinar on how you can become successful using social media and see positive ROI from your social efforts online.
WEBINAR: Successful Social: Leverage Social Media for Your Business
During the webinar, Tyler will show you how to become successful with social media by:

• Helping you recognize why social media tactics alone can’t generate results
• Providing you with a clear plan on how to improve the ROI from your social media practices
•Showing you how to implement social media into your current marketing plan to get better
• Explaining how you can evaluate your social media efforts to determine what’s working and
   what’s not

If you leverage social media the right way in your business, it can become a powerful tool that
not only keeps you in the social conversation, but also provides you with a measurable ROI. Fill
out the short form and watch the recording!

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Learn the Social Media Money Formula!
Recording now available

Social media has become a tool that many small businesses
use to communicate with their prospects and customers. The
problem is that most businesses are not using social media in the most
effective way possible. Learning how to leverage Twitter, Facebook and
YouTube to efficiently market your business is extremely important to
the sustainability of your product or service.
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