Positive Online Presence for Your Business

Increase your sales with a centralized system to manage your business’s digital presence

What are people seeing when they search for your products or services?
Google search- pizza.

Google search- pizza.

What do your prospects see about your business when they search for products or services your business provides? Do they see accurate information? Do they see enhanced content about your business without having to click to your website? As the Yellow Pages era declined it became more and more important to have a great website people could find you, learn about your offerings, and then hopefully call.

Now your online presence is even more important. Search engines are constantly evolving and new tools have been developed so that before web searchers ever consider clicking on a link to a business’s website, they are seeing important and enticing information about businesses right on the search page. For years now it was important to have your Name, Address, & Phone number (your NAP) published and be correct. Now, in addition to the above, search engines want to know and to show web searchers the Hours, Customer Reviews, Pictures, and other information about each listing they show. And for local searches they also want to know and show the locations on a map and offer Directions and an easy way to Call the businesses. If this information is showing for your competitors but not on your listing, even if you do make it to the 1st page of Google, your website is less likely to be visited and your business is far less likely to get a call or have a chance to earn their business.

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  • 4 in 5 local mobile searched result in a purchase

    4 in 5 local mobile searched result in a purchase

  • 34x increase in Near Me searches since 2011

    34x increase in Near Me searches since 2011

  • 40% of in person purchases include online research

    40% of in person purchases include online research

  • 55% of conversions occur with in 1 hr of mobile search

    55% of conversions occur with in 1 hr of mobile search

  • 76% of purchase decisions are in person & local

    76% of purchase decisions are in person & local

  • 93% of sales still occur in person

    93% of sales still occur in person

Quick Overview

Helpful Online Presence — HOP

  • Create immediate Online presence with consistent accurate data on 50+ website
  • Create Comprehensive Full listings on Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yelp, facebook
  • Publish and easily update your listings content including
    • Business Name, Photos, Hours, Payments accepted
    • Business Photos
    • Featured Message / Call to Action
    • YouTube video
    • Much more
  • Duplicate and Erroneous Listings Suppression
  • Social Media Presence – Creation, Management, Posting

Helpful Reputation Management — HRM

  • Online Review Monitoring
    • Catch & do something about a bad review before the masses see them
  • Online Review Generation
    • Request & make it easy for customers to give you positive reviews
  • Online Review Publishing (to Company Website)
    • Collect customer reviews for your Company’s website
  • Online Review Balancing
    • Automatically direct new reviews to places needed the most

Package Details

Helpful Online Presence™

Helpful Online Presences Includes:
  • Knowledge Manager
  • App Directory
  • Geocoding
  • Custom Fields
  • User Roles
  • Digital Asset Management
  • Scheduled Updates
  • Single Sign-On
  • Knowledge Manager API
  • Administrative API
  • Analytics Dashboards
  • Insights Library
  • Report Builder
  • Activity Report
  • Listings
  • Branded Content Syndication
  • Publisher Suggestions
  • Listings Analytics
  • PowerListings® Network: Healthcare*
    *additional fees apply

Helpful Reputation Management™

Helpful Reputation Management BASIC Includes:
  • All Helpful Online Presence Package Features Plus:
  • PowerListings® Sync Network: Social
  • Social Location Page Posting
  • User-Generated Content
  • Online Review Monitoring
  • Duplicate Listing Suppression

Helpful Reputation Management™ — ULTIMATE Includes:
  • All Helpful Online Presence — HOP™  Package Features Plus:
  • All Helpful Reputation Management — HRM™ Basic Package Features Plus:
  • Review Generation
  • Submission Form for 1st-Party Company Reviews
  • Website Review Posting Embedding Tools
  • Online Review Publishing (to your Company Website)
  • Online Review Balancing
  • Online Review Response
  • Online Review Insights
  • Intelligent Search Tracker