Occupant Mailing Lists

Quality Ratios with Occupant Mailing Lists

Occupant Mailing Lists are partial named or unnamed lists of homes, apartments, trailers, businesses, and PO boxes.

They contains every address in the USPS database, whereas consumer databases have approximately 75%+ of all addresses.

When geography ends up being more important than any specific demographic, Occupant makes a great choice.

Here are some other important facts about Occupant Data and our Occupant Mailing Lists that you should know:

  •  Average Deliverability
    • They have an average deliverability of 95% to 97%
  • Delivery Guarantee
    • We guarantee delivery of at least 92%
  • Updated Frequency
    • Our Occupant Mailing  Lists are Updated Monthly

  • The Good
    • The addresses are all verified y the postal service as being valid.
  • The Bad
    • Vacancies are updated by the individual postal carriers and not always in a timely manner.
  • The Ugly
    • Yipee! There’s no Ugly Here!

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